West Coast – Porta del Sol

This is the center of beach life in Puerto Rico.  From Rincón where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean to create world-class surfing – to the southern coast with its world-famous Phosphorescent Bay…  the focus here is easily  the beach.  But don’t forget to also explore the mountains that are only a few miles away… There is easy access to the west coast by flying into Raphael Hernandez Airport in Aguadilla (airport code BQN).  If you are traveling via any of the following cities/airports, you can fly directly to our corner of Puerto Rico and spend more time on the beach! Mayaguez (MAZ) airport has connecting flights from San Juan. Many visitors and Puerto Ricans alike love to drive from San Juan, spend a night or two at one of our small hotels and then continue driving around the entire island to return to San Juan after visiting one of the following small hotels! The following small hotels are members of the Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association.

Small Hotels on our West Coast: Porta del Sol

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    Las Palmas Inn – Rincón

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    Villa Cofresí Hotel & Resort – Rincón

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    Coconut Palms Inn – Rincón

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    Casa Isleña Inn – Rincón

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    Parador Combate Beach Resort – Cabo Rojo